3 Benefits That Make Vintage LED Bulb the Perfect Choice

2022-05-27 | Company News

Bulbs are no longer considered just a source of lighting. Now they have become an integral part of décor. So along with illuminating the place, you can also make it more beautiful. However, most bulbs you find in the market are proven to waste a lot of energy in the name of style. 

To improve the appearance of the place, you need to pay a huge amount. But what if you could get a bulb that does not compromise on style and saves energy? Fortunately, you can. You can choose a vintage led light bulb over the traditionally used incandescent bulbs.

Perks Of Vintage LED Light Bulb

If you are wondering about the perks you can avail of with this kind of bulb, here is what you need to know.

1. Energy Efficient 

Did you know that the traditional incandescent bulb wastes almost 90% of the electricity supplied to it? Though there is no doubt that such a bulb looks aesthetically pleasing, the wastage of electricity can cost you a lot more than you would have imagined.

But with vintage led filament bulb e27, you can operate the bulb at a pretty low amount of energy. As a result, the wastage is reduced to a great extent. Additionally, you can find one such bulb with the same designs and output as a traditional bulb.

2. Lower Risk of Fire Outbreak

• The traditionally used incandescent bulbs become too hot even after you use them for a pretty short duration 

• But on the other hand, led filament bulb e27 always remain cool, irrespective of the time you operate them for

• As a result, the possibility of a fire outbreak is no longer there

• Along with this, an LED bulb can last almost 50 times longer than the traditional bulbs

3. Get an Aesthetic Appearance 

If your ultimate goal is to provide your house with an aesthetic appearance, a vintage led light bulbis exactly what you need. The lighting produced by these bulbs is as pretty as the sunset. What's more, you can choose any design or shape you desire.

In a nutshell, if you want a bulb that does not cost too much, is safer, and does not compromise on beauty, a vintage LED bulb is a perfect choice. 

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