Professional Led Decor Lighting Manufacturer and Supplier

2021-11-08 | Company News

Brightorz is proudly listed among the leading suppliers in LED decorative lighting from China. We focus on producing, researching, and developing led decorative lights, vintage led bulbs, led string lights, lamp holders, lamp accessories and much more, ready to continuously develop new products and markets.

In order to meet our customers’ strict requirements in terms of quality, most of our products are TUV CE RoHS, ETL, Erp, FCC approval, and our factory is BSCI certified.

Brightorz relies on its incredibly rich experience and business sources in the field of led decorative lighting, providing led décor lights, exhaustive solutions, and one-stop purchase service for customers. Brightorz firmly adheres to the concept “For Your Warmer And Brighter Life”, striving to create increasing value for our customers, turning our employees’ dreams into a luminous reality.

At Brightorz, we are committed to being a responsible company in our industry, ensuring the future stays as bright as the present.

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