Are LED Edison Bulbs Very Bright ?

2022-03-24 | Company News

You may not know that Edison incandescent bulbs are not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs, Edison bulbs are about 3~5lm/w, a 40W Edison bulb is about 150lm, while standard incandescent bulbs are about 8~10lm/w, the average lumen output of Edison light bulb is about half that of a standard incandescent bulb. However, currently Edison LED filament bulbs can be as high as 100~150lm/w, a 8W Edison LED filament bulbs, it can reach more than 800 lumens in various color temperature ranges, 4W LED filament bulbs can replace 40W standard incandescent bulbs, and 6W can replace 60W incandescent lamp.

On the current market, there are two types of Edison led filament bulbs, one is straight filament, the other is spiral filament. Edison bulbs with straight filaments generally have higher luminous brightness, and most of them are used for main lighting. As mentioned above, a 8W LED filament bulb can reach more than 800lm. Of course, straight filaments can also be made in low power and low color temperature for ambient lighting. Spiral LED filament bulbs are generally used for ambient lighting and are ideal products to replace traditional Edison bulbs. The color temperature is mainly 2200K, and the light is soft and not Dazzling, bringing a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Generally speaking, LED spiral filament bulbs have lower luminous brightness than LED straight filament bulbs, because the two main lighting purposes are different. For example, a 4W 2200K spiral LED filament bulb has a luminous flux of about 200lm, while a 4W 2700K straight filament bulb, the luminous flux is up to 400lm.

Therefore, we should choose the correct Edison LED light bulbs according to our own environment and usage, and avoid spending a lot of money to buy LED bulbs that are not suitable for us.

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