How to Choose a Good Filament LED Edison Bulb ?

2022-03-30 | Company News


At present, with the increasing popularity of LED lighting, LED bulbs are one of the main products of indoor lighting. There are all kinds of LED bulbs on the market, and the quality varies greatly. Choose a good LED Edison bulb, Not only can it bring you a comfortable lighting environment experience, save electricity costs, but also better protect your eyes from light damage. So how to choose a suitable LED filament bulb?

First of all, we have to decide which color temperature Edison bulb to choose according to the application environment we need. Generally speaking, LED filament bulbs have three colors, namely warm white, natural white and cool white. Warm white is generally 2700~3000K, natural white It is 4000~5000K, and cool white is 6000~6500K. For home lighting LED filament bulbs, most of them are warm white 2700K, so when purchasing, check the packaging or the label on the bulb to make sure you choose the color you want. For example, for a room or living room, it needs to be brighter and warmer, and it is more suitable to use a straight filament LED bulb with a color temperature of 2700K, such as brightorz 4watt led candle bulb (Brightorz dimmable e14 led candle bulbs ) or brightorz dimmable led filament bulb ST64 (Brightorz 8 Watt led filament bulbs e27), but for restaurants, if you want a more warm atmosphere, and do not In the dazzling environment, it is more appropriate to choose a 2200K high CRI LED Edison bulb, such as brightoz 4watt high color rendering spiral LED filament Edison bulb ST64 (Brightorz vintage style led edison bulbs e27/e26)

brightorz filament led edison bulbs e27

Secondly, pay attention to the appearance and packaging of the bulbs. The LED filament bulbs that are officially certified are in good condition. The glass bulbs look clear and have no scratches. The internal wick structure is reasonable, and the spot welding does not fall off, CE, RoHS and other certification marks, manufacturers, brands and other standard identification content.

Third, if the lamp holder in your home is equipped with a dimmer, it is recommended to choose a dimmable LED filament bulb. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the outer packaging and the bulb are marked with a dimming mark (as follows), and the dimming LED filament Bulbs are usually more expensive than non-dimmable bulbs, but it is difficult to ensure that any dimming bulb can match all dimmers, and different dimmers have different dimming effects for the same bulb. With the development of IC chip technology, a good quality dimming Edison filament bulb can be compatible with 90% and above dimmers. In addition, it is recommended to check the power of the existing dimmer before purchasing to ensure that the power of the selected bulb matches the power of the existing dimmer at home. Generally speaking, the power of the dimmer used for traditional tungsten lamps It will be larger, and the power of the LED dimmer will be smaller, so it may be better to match the LED filament bulb.

Fourth, you can turn on the light bulb when purchasing, observe whether it is very dazzling, and use the mobile phone to shoot or video, compare the lighted light bulb to see if there will be serious stroboscopic, stroboscopic light bulbs are harmful to the eyes, And in this lighting environment, it is easy to get dizzy after a long time, especially when the light bulb is used for desk lamps, it is especially important to have no stroboscopic, which is more conducive to protecting your eyes.

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brightorz e14/e12 led candle light bulbs dimmable

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