Top Reasons To Replace Regular Bulbs With Decorative LED Bulbs

2022-06-20 | Company News

Lighting bulbs are used to illuminate indoors and outdoors. If you have to switch the bulb on for hours, then you may have to compromise with the energy bill. If you lower the energy bill, then you may have to compromise with the illumination.

You have the convenience to look around for large sized bulbs online from Brightorz. They are manufacturers of decorated LED bulbs.


  • The bulbs produce enough light to illuminate any room or setup
  • These bulbs are highly energy efficient
  • They produce less heat and protect the environment


There are many advantages of using LED bulbs instead f your regular light bulbs. Some advantages are mentioned by an expert team. 


Regular light bulbs might have a very short life span as they use filament that might get overheatedbut its not case with LED bulbs. These types of bulbs are made up of a special type of filaments.

The bulbs do not get overheated and thus they have a longer life span. So even if you are using an extra large light bulb you may trust that it has a long life span. The expected life span of any such bulb could be around a few years.

 Less energy consumption

Electricity bulbs will always consume electrical energy you may end up paying a big energy bill, if you are using big light bulbs in your place you can now replace a regular bulb with a more energy-efficient LED bulb.

As these bulbs are using LED technology so they are more energy efficient. The bulbs will use less energy and no heat is produced as well. So the bulb will use less electricity. The LED oversized light bulb might use a few watts of electrical energy.


Environmental performance

Most electrical devices fail to perform under harsh weather conditions. Some bulbs might even break during extreme cold weather conditions. But this is not the case when you are using an oversized light bulb that is made up of LED technology. 

These bulbs are designed to perform even under the worst conditions. The environment is safe when the bulbs are switched on for hours as well. The manufacturing process is also safe as the bulbs do not use any mercury coating.


Operating below sub-zero temperatures

LED bulbs are tested so they can keep performing even at sub-zero temperature conditions. The bulbs can also be used inside the refrigerator setting. If you have a cold storage room, then you can use these bulbs. 

You just have to look around for the best extra large light bulb that blends in perfectly with the décor. These bulbs can be considered a one-time investment for you.

You can check with an online website like Brightorz and select the right type of bulb for any indoor and outdoor setting.

LED bulbs are safer as they do not emit UV rays. The bulbs will also produce negligible heat. They only emit visible light.   


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