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    1. The pronunciation and meaning of the brand are taken from Brighters, and the direct Meaning is the messenger of light (communicator).

  • 2. The letter “g” is the abstract graphic of lighting products. The three points represent light and red symbolizes warmth. Our core mission is to spread light and warmth.

  • 3. The arc is the horizon, which means we are committed to a brilliant cause (career). Our products, such as the rising sun of the East, are full of light, hope, warmth, vigor and vitality,and radiate the world.

Our Story

Brightorz’s Story

I am an ordinary child who grew up in a rural area. Since I was a child, I have deeply realized that only by studying hard and entering a university can I jump out of the rural area, gain a brighter future, and change my destiny. After graduating from university in 2006, when I accompanied Heinz, the first guest in my life, and his family to a special restaurant by the West Lake, the warm lighting and comfortable environment of the restaurant were impressive. Heinz is from Switzerland, he was very friendly and we had a good communication at the time, and I was touched by Heinz's sincere trust and support. In 2018, I brought my family to visit the Heinz family in Switzerland with a grateful heart. They received us very happily and warmly, just like relatives who have been separated for a long time and reunited again, full of warmth and joy. Until now, Heinz and I have always maintained family general contact and communication. We come from different countries and speak different languages, but as long as we treat each other sincerely and trust each other, life will be full of warmth and bright! We believe everyone can have a warmer, brighter life. With our well-designed lights, we bring warmth and beauty to your home, but also brighten your mood and help you discover the brighter side of life. With this passion for life, we create lights and share a warmer and brighter world with you. Let thousands of households be filled with warmth, bright and hope because of our lights! The Founder: Michael Huang