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12V/24V COB LED Strip Lights

Long Lifespan Dot-Free Cuttable COB LED Strip Lights 12V/24V Single Color High CRI90+ IP20 or Waterproof IP65

We offer wholesale 12v/24v cob led strip lights, customized solutions, 528leds/m reach 1400lm, dot-free and more uniform light. COB series LED strips have the advantages of large luminous surface, no spots, uniform light, energy saving and environmental protection. 

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Voltage 12V or 24V DC
LED Qty 320/420/528 LEDs per meter
Power 8W/12W/17W per meter
CCT 2200K/2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K
IP Grade IP20 for indoor, IP65 for outdoor
Plate Width 8/10mm
Length / Roll 5 meters per roll
Power Supply Options as client's requirement.




COB LED strip is a new type of strip, COB stands for Chip on Board, it’s a technology which package led chips directly on the flexible printed circuit board. It reduces the use of frame and gold thread compared to traditional flexible strip, come with No-hot-spot, wider beam angle, better heat dissipation, etc. Like traditional flexible strip, COB strip also differs from LED chips per meter, some is 252 chips per roll (5meters), some is 320 chips, 480 chips, 528 chips etc. The more chips, the more uniform, the brighter.


For COB LED strips, individual diodes are printed directly on the circuit board. These diodes are placed close together and covered with fluorescent gel. The close placement combined with the phosphor coating creates a continuous lighting effect.

Some COB strips come with adjustable CCT and RGB color technology. This means you can easily change the correlated color temperature (CCT) and RGB color of the light with the help of a remote control or an app.

You can also bend the COB light to fit different spaces and shapes. COB lights are very flexible because their diodes are smaller and placed closer together, so they can be bent into tight areas or installed around corners.






What's the difference of COB LED strips comparing SMD LED Strips ?


The main differences between a COB LED strip and an SMD (Surface Mounted Device) LED strip are the distance between chips and the level of light density the strips give off. In an SMD LED light strip, the chips are soldered onto the circuit board and placed with space in between them. This space between chips means that SMD strips have a lower light density, while a COB strip light is considered to have a higher light density.




Key Features:


1. It's dot-free, more uniform and brighter.

2. Wider beam angle 180



3. Better heat dissipation, long lifespan.

4. CCT options 2200K/2700K/4000K/6000K in High CRI 90+



5. High flexible and cuttable.


6. Safe low voltage 12V or 24V/DC.



Quality Control:


1. GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008.

2. Standard high-quality components.

3. Quality inspection of the 5 processes of the assembly line.

4. Test each batch of incoming drivers and filaments before mass production.

5. 100% inspection before shipment.

6. Aging test and appearance cleaning before packaging.

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