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800Lm 6W Led Filament Candle Bulb E14

Super Bright 800Lm 6W LED Filament Candle Bulb E14 in Warm White 2700K

Brightorz Super Bright 6W 800 lumen LED Filament Candle Bulbs E14 base, warm white 2700K, can be dimmable and non-dimmable, meet EU new ERP, flicker free and energy saving over 92%, it's your ideal product to replace 60W or 80W old incandescent edison bulbs.

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Input Voltage: 120V/230VAC 50/60Hz
Power: 6 Watt
Lumen: Ultra Bright 800lm
Incandescent Equivalent: 60 Watt
Base type: E12 / E14 Screw
Color Temperature: 2700K
CRI: 80+
Life Span: 25000h
Product Size: 1.38*3.93inch (35*10mm)



If you think ordinary LED Edison candle bulbs are too dark, want a brighter space environment or your space is larger, this Brightorz high brightness LED filament candle bulb is your ideal choice, power 6W, 2700K color temperature but brightness up to 800lm , It can be either dimming or non-dimming, such as the dimming version, which is compatible with more than 95% of the dimmers on the market, and has no stroboscopic, no damage to your eyesight, and meets the new EU ERP standard.


Key Features:

💡EXCELLENT PERFORMANC: This brightorz 6 watt led filament candle bulb uses stronger led filaments, it emits super bright warm white light, replace 60W or 80W incandescent light bulb, which bringing you an ultra bright ambient.

💡LOW CONSUMPTION SAVING BILLS: all Brightorz led filament candle bulbs are eco-friendly, no lead or mercury, no UV or IR radiation, easily fitted and replaces incandescent old filament light bulbs, saving more than 90% on electricity bill of lighting.

💡VINTAGE STYLE & MODERN LED TECHNOLOGY: This Brightorz classic filament led candle bulbs e14 made with the latest LED technology in vintage style, they are overload protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection, you can use it safely.

💡LONG LIFESPAN & WIDE APPLICATION: Brightorz e14 led edison candle bulbs are durable, have a lifespan of up to 25000h, it's about 25 times comparing with the old incandescent bulbs, avoid the hassle and cost of frequent bulb replacements. These e14 filament led light bulbs are ideal for indoor chandelier light,ceiling fans,pendants,living room,dinning room,restaurant,coffee shop,hotel,desk lamp etc.


Quality Control:

1. GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008. 
2. Standard high-quality components. 
3. Quality inspection of the 5 processes of the assembly line. 
4. Test each batch of incoming drivers and filaments before mass production.
5. 100% inspection before shipment.
6. Aging test and appearance cleaning before packaging.

Since its very beginning, Brightorz is positioned to provide customers with high-quality products. Only when our products and services are the best can we gain more trust from our customers. Taking this into consideration, we only follow the strictest standards to implement our quality agreements. First, we select stable and reliable material suppliers to select and test incoming materials such as power supply, blister, filament, etc.; secondly, we take corresponding measures to reduce the defect rate in each link of the production process, such as spot welding; let only highly skilled workers handle the most complicated brackets and welding; savvy workers operate key links, and conduct a second sampling and inspection of each semi-finished product; again, before leaving the factory, each product undergoes 8 to 10 hours of aging inspection. Finally, we ensure the finest appearance of our products before packaging. By fully controlling all these processes, to guarantee our customers can receive the best products.

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