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Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb 15 Watt for Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Brightorz LED Grow Light Bulb in Full Spectrum for Indoor and Outdoor Plants

The spectrum of brightorz LED grow light bulb covers 400nm to -730nm, covering all wavelengths needed by plants, high absorption rate and strong photosynthesis, which is conducive to the formation, growth and flowering of plants.

These brightorz led growing light bulbs are suitable for greenhouse,plant propagation,garden,backyard etc indoor and outdoor horticultural applications.

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Voltage Input 100~265V/AC
Bulb size D13.5(5.32inch)*H8cm(3.15inch)
Material Polished Alu Housing
Base E26 / E27
Grade IP65
CRI 95+
Best irradiated Area 3.25sq-meter (35sq-ft)
Max irradiated Area 9.3sq-meter (100sq-ft)
Installation Height 0.7~1.2m(30~50inch)
Spectrum like the full spectrum of sun light
Temperature Color Single Color 5000K / Tri-Color 3000K+5000K+Red


brightorz_plant led grow string lights


This Brightorz led grow light lamp uses an aluminum material shade to ensure that our grow light has excellent light spread and reflection, increasing the light efficiency by 30~40%, also since Brightorz's LED grow light bulbs is full spectrum output as same as the sunlight, which has the effect of promoting plant growth (such as cactus), improving the taste of vegetables (such as tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries etc.), improving flowering quality, and prolonging flowering time.

These Brightorz LED grow bulbs are suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening applications such as greenhouses, plant propagation, gardens, backyards and more. At the same time, if used in combination with light strings, it can be widely used in large-area planting lighting due to its high cost-effective advantage, scalability, lower power per lamp but can be used in a large number.

brightorz_plant led grow light bulb in full spectrum

Key Features:

1. Good Heat Dissipation

2. Small Light Decay

3. Insulated and Waterproof.

4. Cost-effective Advantage

5. Customizable & Extendable

6. Uniform Light

7. Not Easy to Damage

8. Easy to Use


The effect of different wavelengths on plants, such as seedling stage, growth stage of stems and leaves, flowering, and fruiting.


Effects of Photothermal Radiation of Different Wavelengths on Plants and Environment



Wavelength range


sunlight  radiation

UV light


①It has a killing effect on most plants, which may lead to the closure of plant stomata, affect photosynthesis, and increase bacterial infection.

②Accelerates the aging of plastic covering materials.


Conducive to the formation of plants and the coloring of flowers and fruits, and the formation of vitamin C.

Visible light


①Plant photosynthesis

400~510nm   blue-violet light

high absorption rate and strong photosynthesis for plants, which is conducive to plant formation.

510~610nm   green light

low absorption and photosynthesis for plants.

610~720nm  red orange light

high absorption rate and strong photosynthesis, under some conditions, it has a strong photoperiod effect.

②Provides radiant heat

Infrared light


Affecting plant elongation, 700~800nm radiation is called far-red light, which plays an important role in photoperiod and seed formation, and controls flowering and fruit color.


Provide solar radiation heat.


Spectral distribution

The spectrum of brightorz grow light bulb covers 400nm to -730nm, covering all wavelengths needed by plants. *450nm-470 promotes the growth of plant stems and leaves. *600-730nm promotes plant differentiation, flowering and fruiting.

Remark: the light color can be also customized as client's specific requirements.


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