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Filament LED Tubular Light Bulb T30 E27

Dimmable and Flickerfree Filament Led Tubular Edison Light Bulb E27 T30 Warm White 1000Lm

This Brightorz tubular filament bulb has the advantages of small size and high brightness. The diameter of the glass tube is 30mm, the length is only 105mm, and the output is as high as 1000lm, 80Watt equivalent. It’s also dimmable and has no flicker, no noise, and no glare.

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Voltage: 120/230V AC
Bulb Sizes: D30*H105mm
Power: 4W / 8W
Lumen: 400lm / 1000lm
Color Temperature: 2700K
Dimmable: Yes
CRI: >80
Lifespan: 25000H


Dimmable T30 LED Tubular Light Bulbs Warm White 2700K, 8W LED Tubular Edison Bulbs 80 Watt Equivalent, 1000Lm, E27 Base LED Tube Bulb for Desk Lamp, Pendant Lights etc.


Key Features:


1. Dimmable - 0~100% full dimmable, compatible with 95% dimmers on the market.

2. Flicker Free - Eye friendly.

3. Warm White 2700K-create a warm, comfortable atmosphere for your space.

4. Long Lifespan: up to 25,000 hours

5. No shadow phenomenon

6. Energy Saving: 8 watt at 1000lm output for 80 watt equivalent, 400lm if 4 watt LED.

7. Installration: simply screw it into standard E26(E27) base to get it work.

8. Wide Application: suitable for pendant style lamps, black pendant lighting, wall sconces, indoor or outdoor home or commercial decoration, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, etc.


Quality Control:


Since its very beginning, Brightorz is positioned to provide customers with high-quality products. Only when our products and services are the best can we gain more trust from our customers. Taking this into consideration, we only follow the strictest standards to implement our quality agreements. First, we select stable and reliable material suppliers to select and test incoming materials such as power supply, blister, filament, etc.; secondly, we take corresponding measures to reduce the defect rate in each link of the production process, such as spot welding; let only highly skilled workers handle the most complicated brackets and welding; savvy workers operate key links, and conduct a second sampling and inspection of each semi-finished product; again, before leaving the factory, each product undergoes 8 to 10 hours of aging inspection. Finally, we ensure the finest appearance of our products before packaging. By fully controlling all these processes, to guarantee our customers can receive the best products.

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